when i look in the mirror:


when i try to take a picture:


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raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a girl

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More Pizza Hacks Here
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i received this message earlier today from someone who wishes to remain anonymous, and I’m disgusted by it. i know that this person isn’t the only victim of his actions. if any of you have ever been victimized by forrest gif, please message me or princessbrat7 with screenshots and/or a story explaining what he did. i really encourage you to message us if you’re underage/were underaged at the time of the event, but also if you’re of age and he still made you feel grossed out.
he’s never harassed me, but he has sent me unsolicited nudes. if he has ever solicited nudes from you, harassed you, and anything along those lines, please let us know. thank you!

forrest is super creepy in 2012 i asked to be in his network ‘malice’ he said  ha ha heres him out of the blue telling me he was asking my friend at the time for nudes of me (????) and here are just some creepy bits and pieces where he was innapropriate with me (at the time, 13, THIRTEEN) all taken from facebook chats   
not including tumblr messages of him sending unsolicited nudes and expecting/demanding some back, and i cant be the only other one, he’s always been a creepy man hiding behind the ‘daddy’ complex trying to lure young girls who don’t know any better….  


"if you were a fruit what would you be?" 


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trick people into loving you by being a wonderful person

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